Summer Vegan Food Service in Hinton, AB

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Summer Vegan Food Service in Hinton, AB


Nearly 10 percent of Canadians now consider themselves vegan or vegetarian. Similar trends are happening globally as people start to ditch meat, dairy, & egg products. Many of us are learning about the environmental, social, & health implications of animal products & are leaning away from them but feeling lost in the process. A popular lifestyle change is committing to one meat-free day per week. It can certainly be challenging, in the beginning, which is why I’m making it easier for you this summer with a Vegan Food Service, available in Hinton, AB. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, & a drink 2 times per month for July, August, & September. So 6 days worth of meals in total. (See dates below.)

  • Serving 2 people

  • Delivered to your local address. There is also the option to pick-up during specified hours.

  • Meals are plant-based & portions are generous for two people.

  • Meals are cooked for you in advance with the exception of simple items like rice, for example.

  • Food is served in reusable containers, to reduce waste. They are yours to keep at the end.

This is a great way to become acquainted with meat-free options & commit to abstaining a couple days a month. As your body adjusts to this new way of eating, you will start enjoying these different foods increasingly. 

With the last week of service, you will receive a PDF cookbook of all the meals provided throughout summer, so you can recreate them yourself. 


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Hinton 2019 Dates:

  • Thursday July 11

  • Friday July 26

  • Thursday August 7

  • Thursday August 22

  • Thursday September 5

  • Thursday September 21


What about protein? All meals include complete proteins. Of all the vitamins & minerals North Americans are lacking, protein is rarely one of them. I will guide you on ensuring you’re never lacking any of the essential amino acids & the PDF cookbook will include a section explaining how protein works in our bodies to better understand our needs.

What about iron? There are tons of amazing sources of iron in plant products. Think leafy greens as one example. Plant based sources are actually easier to absorb. Again, we will explore iron & our needs in the PDF. I personally have not eaten meat in almost 15 years— though I have the occasional egg which helps—& when I tested my blood for iron levels last spring, they were fine. Some people have higher iron needs but most of these people already supplement.  

I have allergies, what can you do about that? Let me know what your dietary restrictions are & we can talk it out. Most allergens won’t be used in these recipes & if it is, we can probably work around it for you.

I’m gluten-free, is that ok? No problem! There is no gluten in these recipes.

What kind of food will it be? Is it just a bunch of beans and tofu? There will be some beans & some tofu but that’s only a small portion of what I have planned for you. There will be a lot of vegetables. I will include tons of great grains, seasoning, seeds, nuts, & yes, some beans of tofu.

Can you give me an example? Breakfast: Cardommon Overnight Oats with Seasonal Fruit; Drink: Homemade Chai Latte; Lunch: Tabouli Salad with Red Lentils; Dinner: Arugula Pesto Pizza

Why is it so expensive? The price point reflects a number of things. First, there are six breakfasts, six lunches, six dinners, & six drinks all cooked for you with the best available ingredients. As much as possible, ingredients are locally sourced & organic. To do this, I will occasionally need to go to neighbouring towns. We are avoiding single use plastic & using reusable containers instead. The package includes a PDF with all the recipes along with a few plant-based tips. Finally, delivery.

What if I’m not around one of the weeks? Can I just do some of the weeks? Unfortunately no, you have to commit to the whole package but if you’re not around one week, you’re welcome to gift it to someone else or we can double up the following week.

Can we get this in Jasper? If you can find a minimum of five people in Jasper, I will bring the orders to the Farmer’s Market for pick up the same weeks.

Anything I missed? Shoot me a message & I’m happy to answer you directly!