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Since it's impossible to be everything for everyone, I focus on making Kupala Organics everything to me, in the hopes that some of you dig what I'm up to. Here are a few examples of how I'm doing this:

I promise to be raw:

Both my food & myself. I will always be honest with you & I promise to honour what nature gave us. 

Raw food is alive food. So are raw people.

I promise you both.

The nourishment I create for you is alive & whole. Prepared at 117 Fahrenheit or less, the nutrients will still be in tact when they reach your belly. My goal is to offer you yummy snacks & meals as close to the way nature provided as possible.

I promise my offerings will be vegan:

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

May all beings everywhere, be happy & free. May the thoughts, words, & actions of my own life contribute in some way.

Always, no exceptions. There will never be any animal products in Kupala Organics' creations. We also strive for cruelty-free existence through the complete supply chain. This includes animals, but also humans, & our precious eco-systems.

I promise to be organic:

As a population, we are inadvertently & unwillingly exposed to hundreds of chemicals each day. Food should be medicine, not poison. For this reason, I maintain the purity of these offerings as much as possible. That being said, 100% may not always be available. I do guarantee however, never less than 90% of all ingredients will be organic, & the 'dirty dozen' always.

I also promise to never be anything but completely, & organically me, no compromise.

I promise to be seasonal:

Let's honour the natural rhythms of the Earth. We are not meant to eat peaches in December, or pineapples regularly, in the Northern Hemisphere. 

These are luxuries.

Kupala's granola products will be offered four times a year in line with the Solstices & Equinoxes while the seasonal supplies last. 

If, heaven forbid, British Columbia's cherries, or peaches, or what have you should fail one season, we won't have the dark chocolate, cherry, lime granola. I'm not going to ship them in from China, or California or wherever else. If they are meant to be grown in the area & aren't available in the markets, we won't have them. Sorry, not sorry.

I promise to fuel you with food that is alive:

In addition to being raw, grains, seeds, & nuts are soaked &/or sprouted before processing.

I also include water kefir & give them time to ferment that you make have the benefit of live probiotics in your food. 

I promise to support my local economy:

I want my neighbours, friends, & loved ones to thrive. I want people to be able to support their families where they live instead of having to leave them for work. For this reason, I support local farmers & crafts people. I'm excited to build long-term partnerships & friendships throughout British Columbia & Alberta, particularly in the Okanagan & Rocky Mountains.

I promise that each item will be made in small, loving batches with a dash of Reiki:

I know this sounds airy-fairy-this-girl's-a-hippy-no-wonder-she-sells-granola but don't write me off yet. I 100% believe food made with love tastes better. I promise to pour my heart & soul & loving, healing energy into each & every batch.

I dedicate 1% of all sales, to the preservation of the Spirit Bear & her land, forever: 

My Fish by Anthony Gibson

My Fish by Anthony Gibson

The Kermode Bear, lovingly nicknames the Spirt Bear, is a black bear with a rare genetic condition making it completely white. It is not albino, but rather, a white black bear. They live in a threatened part the Northern Pacific Rainforest. There are only 300 such bears alive today & they exist no where else in the world. I'm not sure why they are so dear to my heart but ever since I first heard of them, they have been. I just can't get them out of my mind.