Setting our mutual frequency.

Happy New Year Lovers. I know we're almost a month in, but let's get real, we've only just gotten back to the swing of things. I hope that however you spent your holiday season, it was nourishing & full of sustenance.

I had the pleasure of spending my New Year's Eve in perfectly frigid mountain air. Myself, & 45 of my favourite people rented a cabin, in the middle of the Middle of NoWhere, Canadian Rockies. The stars shone wildly, just for us, in a way you long for in the city & our hearts were just as bright because, when music is boogie-full & you're surrounded by loved ones, what more is there? 

I've mentioned all this on Instagram but I'm going to repeat the story here, because not all of you have heard it & I want to share. As a group, these multi-faceted beings are supremely talented. This results in extraordinary music everywhere we go with the sound system to match. It is with this scene in mind, that myself, & two of these beings found ourselves outside our Billion Star Hotel. 

Enjoying the view & pondering our existence, we found ourselves discussing vibration. The human hearts resonates at 8.14 HZ. So does the Earth. The Universe too. We literally are one. Every living being is connected if by nothing else, frequency.

This is why music means so much to us & has since the beginning of time. It's vibration & reminds us of our mutual vibration. It gets our personal, internal drums beating. Now consider this, as my dear friend shared, vibration is everything & so it is in this 'blip' of frequency that dichotomy exists. Light-dark, up-down, yes-no all exist within either side of this. If we were to disect the blip down the centre we'd find netrality. This place is quiet space. It's safe. Neither 'good' nor 'bad', we tend to feel comfortable here. 

The key is not to get stuck in the middle. If we do, stagnation sets in & we forget to thrive. What I'm trying to say is, be daring this new year. Allow yourself the opportunity to extend yourself beyond neutrality. Own it. Know that whatever happens here, is an opportunity for growth & that being comfortably uncomfortable is the way of human existence.

If things feel too wild out there on the blip, don't worry, there's always chocolate to help you through. 

From my wild mermaid heart to yours,
Jenn xo

May all beings everywhere be happy & free...