I like my chocolate how I like my men.

I know this has been done, but humour me & read on.


All great men are rich. Rich in substance. Rich in depth. Rich enough to dive deep into the unknown realms & come out invigorated. Please be invigorating. So full of life & presence that you cannot help but jump into their being. Rich in presence. When he steps into a room, you know he's there because he radiates the richness of life. He is rich in experience. Life is a journey. He stops for photos & travel secondary highways. He isn't afraid to get lost. He is rich in laughter. Life is messy & serious but he laughs it off & keeps on trucking. Rich in generosity. He is what he is & he shares who he is. What he has, he shares. Unconditionally & unafraid. He is rich & this gives him a warrior heart. 

I like my chocolate rich.


Moving beyond the colour of skin, or hair, or eyes, I like a man who's dark. A good man, not afraid of the darkness in his heart. We are all made of light & dark. There's no denying the dark-side that lives inside. I like a man who's in touch with this. Who is it's friend. A man who does not balk at, or run from, or pick apart his darkness. I like a man who is comfortable with this part of his being. One who recognizes that it is in this darkness that growth occurs. It's where we learn the most about ourselves & where we come most in touch with the lightness in our hearts. I like a man who's dark. Not a 'bad' man but one who sees his failings & accepts them as part of who he is & who he can strive to be. This man is not afraid of the dark. He is not afraid of his & not afraid of mine.

I like my chocolate dark.


The lay in bed with pancakes & strawberries delicious. The whisper in the dark because that's what you do at night delicious. The stare at a sunset or pet an animal delicious because life is delicious. Abundantly delicious. So delicious you want to eat it all in one bite but force yourself to carefully, slowly nibble so that maybe, it can last forever. So tasty that the taste buds of your mind are completely satisfied. So incredibly yummy you're absolutely satiated satiated in even the briefest exchange.

I like my chocolate delicious.

Seriously though, right?