Happy Samhain: "Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic."

"Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic."

A mantra to live by. 

It may try to elude you, but:

You are magic. Your fingertips tingle at brilliant thoughts. Your stomach-pit summersaults  at danger. Your whisper placates lovers while your touch rests the restless child.


*this image is not mine.

*this image is not mine.

Life is tricky.

There's no doubt about it. You're painfully aware its stickiness, this is not place for such delvings. You know the tricky. It makes you feel like you're about to be bulldozed on the daily. Let's no got into the how of the trickiness. This is a post about magic. 

Ah, the juicy, wonderful magic!

Let's get real. That's the stuff of life.

Maiden. Mother. Crone. (or perhaps Warrior. Father. Sage.) You have it all. You're born with the sorcery of the world through your very existence. No matter how dull or drab the day to day tries to make you, you're made of witchcraft. It's your Goddess given birth right.

*this image is not mine.

*this image is not mine.

I must confess.

On writing this, I'm not feeling very magical. I'm doubting the power of my Goddessy vibes. I'm inspired to write this post while reclaiming my magic, post dry spell. Now, I feel like I may be in the middle of a stardust drought & I'm not convinced that I've got it. How quickly things change. Sitting at a bar today, a wise bartender said something along these lines:

Magic is like anything else; it ebbs & flows. Some days you got it, some days you don't but you're always magic.

It's nice when a bartender can gift your day drinking with insight.

We are talking about this today because it's Samhain. A Celtic Pagan holiday that marks the half way point between Spring Equinox & Winter Solstice. It marks the end of final harvest & the settling in for the darkest part of the year. It's a window where we can smoothly cross between our world & the otherworld. It's a time of fairies & nature spirits who would assist in the survival of livestock over winter. Everyone comes out to play tonight. 

*this image is not mine.

*this image is not mine.

It's a time of magic.

It's darkness at it's best. Right now it's literally 6:00 pm PST & about to be pitch dark. Part of me is exhausted by this, the other, excited for the micheif that comes when the lights go down. 

Ebb & flow; ebb & flow.

Stay in your magic baby, life is tricky & you're a sorceress. 

I am magic, I am magic, I am magic, I am magic...