Sipping from the fountain of youth.

Empowered women are empowering. They lift & support you in a way only a good bra can. Unless of course you don't wear one, in which case, in addition to empowerment, you completely recognize the beauty of freedom. It's with a brave heart that someone puts themselves on the line follow their dreams. I'm recognizing more every day how fucking brave you have to be to do live an authentic life.

Em Dobbin a.k.a Amilia Ferrari, is probably the bravest person I know. When she isn't chasing waves or earning the trust of the most untamable horse, she's nursing her first love, Isola Herbals. This island inspired skin & hair care line, taps into the proverbial fountain of youth, with oil infused herbal remedies & a certain je ne sais quoi, joie de vivre.

Isola is the Italian word for ‘island’ – and the base for the English words ‘isolate’ and ‘alone’, just like islands are. Where some might find loneliness in the words, I find inspiration. The islands of our earth each host a mystery in their beauty, their individuality, and their lush independence. Isola Herbal Remedies are created within the guidelines of Herbalism, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda to support your own beauty, individuality and independence.

 She infuses the oils with herbs grown in her very own, commercial Apocathery & greenhouse, or wild-harvested (sustainably) on her many adventures where she always keeps us close. I recently spent a stint in my parental home-province of Alberta. Probably the driest place in the world (or so it seems after living on the West Coast for three years). I've become spoiled & a little weak, perhaps, if I'm being honest, princess-y. My huge mermaid-mane of curls & mess had been reduced to flat, dry strings & my skin looked years older (#firstworldproblems I know).

Well, being the champion of women (& men everywhere), Madamoiselle Dobbin, supplied me with her 'Young, Wild, Free' summer bundle & set me on my way (after all the coffee & roasted vegetables one could consume that is). I'm pleased to report, she's an evil genius, & I'll never use anything else (especially) on my hair ever again. Upon returning to the coast I can't even count the number of people who've told me my hair looks better than ever. I'm inclined to agree. 



I let my mom borrow the sun care oil & she swears that not only did her sunburn heal but the skin's age reversed. Apart from everything I've already shared, I'd have to say one of my favourite pieces of her business plan is the seasonal element she's incorporated. As you're well aware I'm sure, our beauty needs shift with the comings & goings of the sun & Isola Herbals has your 20. She'll be putting a bundle together every season which you can purchase individually or as a subscription for all four. Every item is heavily tested & Health Canada approved as well!

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