Beltane Blessings: Kupala's Alchemy

I've never told you this before, but Kupala Organics is named for the Slavic Goddess Kupala. She's really something. She's the Goddess of shifting seasons, particularly the Solstices & Equinoxes. I like to believe that like us, she also shifts WITH the seasons. On the Wheel of the Year, the wedge from which her superpowers blossom, is the Summer Solstice. Its a blessed time, when her devotees cleans themselves, of all impurities, with either the morning dew or in a stream, scattered in wildflower petals.  Her name means 'to bathe', & so, the ritual of purification through water washes us with joy & peace. Who doesn't find peace & contentment at water's edge? Ferns, wildflowers, & birch trees are her most sacred symbols.

The rhythms etched into the sun's comings & goings, its angles, strengths, & durations determine all living creatures' rituals & fates.

Since a goddess is at the very least as complicated as an human woman, the Goddess Kupala also possesses the injurious, flamable aspect of fire. While this further alludes to the theme of purification, transformation, & ahem, wait for it, alchemy (more on that momentarily), it's the nourishing ashes that begets the raw, unadulterated growth we all long for. Proliferation demands space & where better to find such expanses than a freshly cleared heart, mind, soul, & being. 

If it sounds like a fairy's dream, it's because it is.

Do you not love watching the flames of a bombfire flutter, gasp, & even shake with the furry of their own being? My favourite thing in the world is lighting a fire. The ritual of trudging into the wild, in search of fuel before patiently tending to its sometimes fussy, illogical needs. It's a sort of meditation for me. A connectedness.

Have you ever witnessed the miracle after a forest fire when sprouts finally peek their tiny heads from the ash & new soil? Those first first months, even years, when they're all on equal footing; that brief time before competition squeezes out the week? It's humbling.

moss-bed selfie

moss-bed selfie

All this is the Goddess Kupala; she is in me.

Alchemy. The first chemistry. The transmutation of base materials to precious metals like sliver or gold. An Alchemists greatest achievement is the formulation of the Elixer of Life. The source of immortality. The bringer of eternal life. An Alchemists greatest desire is the indestructability in the face of death. 

The Goddess Kupala is a Master Alchemist.

She turns the base compounds of our selves, the sludge, litter, & rotted fruit into the brightest shade of gold. The fragmented bits, scattered through lifetimes of bitter disappointments & dissaprovals are reclaimed by her cleansing gifts. A recall of sorts. Of the sort where the best pieces of personal power & magical attributes return home. A recollection of being. The coming to physicality the imaginings of our dearest daydreams. 

Shedding the drought thirsty elements of our existence for the outpouring of eternal springs. 

She is our spring rains, our nursery rhymes, & our exquisite exchanges. She embodies all the greenest magik. The emerald hues of destiny are the gifts she offers when we choose to step into the fire. When we allow the transmissions of our natural rhythms to unfold. The downloads preserved by past-lives & revelations. Never too attached. Not clinging but permitting. Allowing the growth instead of choking it out. Allowing the sacred patterns of nature to do it's bidding. Not getting in our own way but surrendering to the purest light we can embody. The golden light of our perfect souls.

This, is Kupala.