Struttin through the Wild Divine

The age of the wild dame isn’t dawning, it’s here. The delightfully tangled, soul-shaped, Goddess figuring each woman carries in her pocket, like a secret charm, is a talisman of the wild, divine devotion she secretly covets. This new age of woman, man, & beast dangles its feet off the ledge of tomorrow as it flicks it hair at yesterday’s sorrow. Yesterday’s imprisonment & lost delusionment. 

We the Warriors. The Rainbow Dancers. The beauteous Witches & Wizards; safeguards of our magikal flora & fauna, submitting only to their own soulFULL songs. Prayers felicitating the west wind’s dreams, carrying the whispers of mountain top dewdrops:

I honour YOU; YOU are cherished. I see YOU. I know YOU. YOU shall not go silently. YOU have barely begun. It is here, in this very moment when YOU must open YOUr heart. Win YOUrself back again.

Prove to yourself & only yourself that you are worthy of the holiness you possess. Journey here, to the gold-flaked sunlight of your lost wild howl. You love the moon for you are her. Stick with me if you’ve forgotten. We can rediscover your lone melody together. We will indulge ourselves from pueter cans of bad decisions & no regrets. Let’s sip delightfully from elegant, mismatched tea sets until our pinkies ache & hearts sweat. We’ll lick that ticklish spot where you store your sacred daydreams & rouse it softly until your belly aches of bellowing laughter.

This is the Wild Divine.

Unapologetically you. The dawn of the unnamable wild-witch, sacred-feminine bad-bitch that is today’s forgotten heroine. The enchantress. The tom-boy. It’s the woman, trapped in a man’s body, scratching her eyes out, each time, she catches a glimpse of herself, in the mirror. The rough, awkward, mangled, prude that prefers the company of flowers over the offensive noise of crowds. The sexual Goddess who can’t get enough & is punished with all the names.

It’s the resurgence of the sacred feminine light, each living being carries, regardless of sex. Regardless of expectation or pretence or lies. The whoever, whatever, wherever the fuck you want to be, because this, sweet wild child, is your Goddess given right. 

This your deepest core. It’s the piece that stares at creek shores when life gets complicated. It’s the courageous storehouse that doesn’t doubt it’s worth. It’s the part of your heart that longs for simplicity, dreams to roam, & walks away from all that does not serve. It’s the moments you trust your first reactions & it does not look back. 


The Wild Divine is the swan like grace that can break an arm. It’s the ginger feline, sprawled lazily across the narrow branch, who doesn’t give two fuck about the passing antelope. It’s the tomcat who looks in the mirror & knows he’s a lion. It’s the grit that can’t be broken. The stuff that’s real & a little ugly. Our imperfectly perfect selves that we so often forget to nurture; sometimes pretend ain’t there. 

It’s where bravery exists. Where you refuse to play small or brush aside a chance to shine. It’s where you ‘know your worth & add tax to it.’ I’m sure you’ve met this place. Maybe unexpectedly. Maybe it caught you off guard & you weren’t sure where you were when you came to. Or maybe it’s as natural as breath as you just strolled right by & it felt like just home. The place to call home you’ve always been longing for. Or maybe you live there permanently. God I hope you do.   

No matter your stage of discovery, keep going back. Explore. Get to know those innard surroundings. Peak over that hedge if can’t yet move in, check out that greener grass. That beautiful garden, that feral animal, they are you. Unafraid, uninhibited, unconcerned - even if the how or the where can’t be placed. 

The Wild Divine is about getting back to that space, permanently. To be comfortable there & know we are more than deserving. That we belong. The archaic past, present, & future life warrior women will show us to our own Wild Divine. I want to know what spurs you to action, what frightens you. Your challenges & hopes are dear to me. I want to explore these here & I want to become better through you. 

This may seem a little off base for a granola company but bear in mind the vision of a cruelty-free existence, not to mention our company backbone & primary inspiration - The Goddess Kupala. We are built on the temple of the Wild Divine. Standing at a holistic approach, knowing our inner divinity is one of the most sincere journeys we can take. The most important. 

The goal is a topic a month & we want to hear from you. We love your input & appreciate your support. 

From my wild mermaid heart,


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