Hey Lovers, You can breathe now, Fall is here.

I'm Crazy About Summer.

To the point where I chase summer as much as possible, avoiding the entire winter season when I can.

I grew up in the Canadian Rockies & scraped windshields for decades before recognizing that my happiness & the number of hours the sun are up are totally linked. 

Normally, saying goodbye to summer brings a sense of loss, like a lover who’s only home one weekend a month. Never enough, always craving, needing even, more.

Not this year. This year, I greet Fall Equinox with a sigh of relief. 

My existence is always quite busy. If not for the endless string of projects, my mind is usually occupied by delightful daydreams. I’m never bored but this summer was more mad-house than usual. Typically, I delight in this mad-hatter-alice-in-wonderland existence.

You know, that look in a person’s eye where you know they’re a brilliant mess & you just have to know more. I dig existing there & have a lovely home there but this summer, I took it too far. Pushed past the cute, quirky crazy & into nut job unbearable. 

So helloooooooo fall! 

I already feel more balanced. Yesterday, I was barely holding it together & literally, overnight, I’m cured.

It’s really something what the season’s do. Everything is slowing down & it’s forcing me to keep pace.

It’s with this that I’m excited to share a few changes to watch for over the next month. I want to serve you better. I know many of you don’t know me that well & we need to build trust. It’s probably confusing never knowing when you can stock up on your favourite breakfasts & frustrating to try & not be able to.

There used to be many reasons we only offered items a couple weeks each season, mostly surrounding production capabilities & availability, but we don't need them anymore. We’ve been doing this a little while now & have improved significantly. Production is smoother every season & we’re able to put more out more efficiently.

& now I have help, Amen, thanks mom. She’s my admin sweet dream, I can’t stand that shit.

It’s with this that my goal is to keep at least a couple of the food items in stock at all times. You’ll never be able to buy all of them, all year round, as we are sticking with the seasonal theme that we hold so dear but they will be available throughout the entire season & more consistently. 

Right now, we have the Samana Granola ‘Peaches & Coconut Cashew Cream’. I’m not sure what Mama Gaia was up to this summer but I’ve never tasted a more amazing crop. I seriously don’t want to eat anything else right now. 

Feriosa label (2).jpg

These amazing peaches are also in our Feriosa Backcountry Mix which will be available online early October. We premiered it at the Robson Valley Music Festival this year & it was a HUGE hit.

We’ve also been popping all the amaranth we can handle in creation of a beautiful cereal soon to be released. 

There’s a new tank coming.

In other words, mad-house. 

But cutely, mostly.

You’re totally worth it though, & so am I.

Happy Equinox lovers, take some time to breathe in that crisp fall air & thank Goddess the season brings a degree of rest.

Love my dirty mermaid heart,

xo Jenn

May all beings everywhere be happy & free...