Happy Oestra, may it be fruitful.

Ostara, the Goddess of the dawn is the contrary of the Samhain darkness. She's the 'Goddess of the growing light of spring." The light of the Vernal Equinox that builds until Solstice. Planting the seeds of what we want to grow in our lives, be it physical or metaphorical, is ideal at this time. I've been reflecting lots on how I choose to make money, the ways in which I seek abundance. Do I give enough gratitude? Am I working hard enough at the right things? Is my energy being used in intelligent ways that align with my soul purpose? 

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 2.46.09 PM.png

I reflect lots on these questions every spring it would seem. Starting to think about my garden. Wondering what should take space & what I should release. How can I invite more fertility to my life & have it geared in the most beneficial directions? I certainly do not actively participate in gratitude nearly enough. I have a beautiful life but always find myself chasing something else.

The art of being...

She is the first warm spring winds, the birds that return, the trees that bud and curl forth leaves & flowers. She is the awakening earth, rabbits & hares, the eggs that appear after a winter of no light.

Eostra certainly reflects fertility. She is life. She is love. She is creation. In the creation of a beautiful life have I forgotten to step back & soak in all that I have? Forgotten the subtle art of existing without always having to do? I'm certainly not alone in this. My last few days in Mexico are upon me & all I can do is think on what's next. Summer plans, goals, wishes.

I'm letting the current moment, the last few days of this perfect, present existence, slip me by. In a few weeks, I'll still be looking forward. Forward back to Mexico instead of bathing in its perfect light right now. So, I'm getting off the computer. I'm grabbing the dogs, & going to the beach to snap out of it. 

Until next time, xo.