Christmas spirit

My sister is the most beautiful person on the planet.

(this post was originally a newsletter, but I felt it was blog worthy as well)

Both inside and out...

She has the most generous heart I have ever known and I know some true gems. This year for Christmas, she suggested that instead of exchanging gifts, we buy and donate presents to local children in need. Being from an adult only family, we happily agreed and it was with this sentiment in mind that I went out into the world last night.

I found myself at a big box store that shall remain nameless (not Walmart mind you), where I'd hoped to find an assortment of smaller gifts to fill a a multitude of goodie bags. It was disheartening. In the overstimulating mass of plastic goods, I was quite certain the world had gone to hell. Everything was so expensive and there was so much junk. 

No wonder families struggle. I couldn't imagine how hard it must be for parents to provide a beautiful Christmas for their children. I sympathize and finally recognize, the challenges my parents must have faced. I know it isn't about what's under the tree but it is about kids. While the best thing you can give them is your presence, life is truly magical only a few short years. All the bobble and billie-bobs, are part of that wonder, when you are tiny and young.

What inspired this idea in my sister - apart from her mammoth heart and immense sense of gratitude - was a story from her friend, who is a teacher, in one of our beautiful cities. This woman told her, that when asked what they wanted for Christmas, one little girl replied, her own blanket and pillow.

I'm sorry if this is hurtful to your hearts. It should be of course. While it is not my intension to hurt or shame you, it is my intention to remind you of how lucky we all are. To put things in perspective. Maybe you are part of one of these struggling families and this story is your home. I want you to know, we are with you. Not out of charity or pity, but out of genuine love and sincerity, for you and your tiny humans, as members of this confused, by-pedal race called humanity.

One thing is clear, we are in this together.

If this story inspires you remotely, I encourage you to drop something off for one of these great kids, because as my darling sibling says, "No child should live like this when we live in a beautiful country where we can help one another...a Barbie doll or pair of mittens goes a long way."

If you're eyes are feeling a little wet about now, don't worry, I'm right there with you.

With all the love in my heart,
Jenn xo

May all beings everywhere be happy and free...