live your truth

Getting Going...

So I've done it! It's taken months & years even of thought and brainstorming & mental roadblocks & finally, I just couldn't take it any longer. Launching the online store was the most challenging, yet completely simple thing I've ever done. 'Flipping the switch' & going live was like a big sigh of relief. Finally too uncomfortably uncomfortable to continue on in the constricting pattern of fear I've been living in, it was time to take a leap of faith & 'just go for it'. 

Going for it.

Really, there's no reason to hold back. I know the product is wonderful & I know you'll love it. I often consider how much more powerful fear of success is than fear of failure. If you fail, you just go back to what you'd been up to before the attempt. If you succeed however, there's no going back. Nothing will ever be the same.

So here's to potential & evolution & honouring the reality of my soul calling integrity.

With love,