Moon Magic: Walking Your Talk

I'm sassy, crassy, & bad-assy. I'm sarcastic & say fuck a lot. I have a lion-heart & my super-power is the art of the loving, firm scold. 

Also, I live in a state of love.

I see people whole; their beauty & their darkness. Who they are, could be, & want to be, both in their most beautiful & horrible states. I adore both. The light catches me; the darkness infatuates me. Seeing people so completely & adoring the package, means I love everyone, I interact with. I'm also very good at releasing these relationships when they have run their course. 


It also makes me a little naive. Sometimes, I don't feel like extracting the lessons. Sometimes, a person gets to you so intensely that you lose a piece of yourself to them, even if the interaction was superficially meaningless. 

It's in those moments you have to be fucking brave.

& it's in those moments you have to walk your talk.

So when a man, who simultaneously stole & broke my heart, in two brief interactions, asked for a favour, it was time to do just that.

& thus, this video was born.

I suppose in this, we're force-fed the lesson & the darkness breaks.

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Saint Valentine: the real story

Many of us know the gist of the Valentine story, but I suspect most (myself included until today) don't have it to the end. Saint Valentine is the patron saint of lovers. He lived in a dark & perilous time, in 3rd Century Roman Empire, under the rule of Claudius II (a.k.a. Claudius the Cruel). Dear Claudius had some wild ideas. He was against & actively persecute Christians & their one-God belief system. He was also finding it difficult recruiting soldiers. He missed the point that maybe the problem was him & the wars he chose to fight & decided it would be best to ban marriages between young people. He believed this not only would attract more soldiers (them being single & all) but also, that the soldiers would be better as they'd have no one at home to worry about. 

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